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Security Concepts is the department of OCP responsible for the police cyborg program and the creation of RoboCop.

Security Concepts was contracted to manage police enforcement due to Detroit's dire financial situation and OCP's desire to built their futuristic Metropolis, Delta City, on the site of the crime-ridden Old Detroit

Security Concepts believed the crime situation to be so severe that it would require a law enforcement presence that could be on duty 24 hours a day without rest while maintaining maximum enforcement efficiency.  The project began with the creation of the Enforcement Droid series 209 (ED-209), a heavily armed and armored mecha programmed for urban pacification.

According to Dick Jones's expectations, after a successful tour of duty in Old Detroit the ED-209 would then be reprogrammed for combat situations and sold to the military at a healthy profit. 

However, after the tragic incident in which Mr Kinney was horrifically killed during a demonstration of the ED-209's abilities, Bob Morton took the opportunity to talk to the Old Man regarding his RoboCop concept. 

Security Concepts later continued their research with the more advanced 'RoboCop 2 program', attempting to replicate the success of their first RoboCop with more advanced abilities. However, this proved to be more difficult than anticipated as none of the formerly-living test subjects could withstand the cyborg transformation process and either suffered complete system failure or terminated themselves.  Security Concepts scientists determined that the reason Murphy survived and the rest didn't was that none of the other test subjects held the same moral values and sense of justice and duty which officer Alex Murphy had. His desire to live was too strong.

At this point, an aspiring psychiatrist, Dr. Juliette Faxx , approaches the Old Man and asks for his permission to take over the RoboCop 2 project, believing that a test subject with a desire for power and immortality would have the strength of will to overcome the cybernetic transformation. She also believes that there is a high quantity of cheap and easily accessible test subjects to be found within the criminal justice system and began screening for the perfect 'volunteer'.

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