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An old sludge plant located on the banks of the River Rouge was used as a base of operations by the Nuke Cult.


Like most abandoned buildings in the crumbling conurbation of Old Detroit, it had only been partially decommissioned and power and services were still active.[1]

Sometime after the cult took over the plant, their police informant, Duffy, told RoboCop that he could find the cult's leader, Cain, there. He found it heavily defended with minefields, armed members, machine guns and many covers and vantage points. He attempted to arrest Cain, but he was shot by Hob and immobilized by Angie. Using the facilities of the plant, cult members managed to tie him down and dismantle his parts.[1]

When RoboCop recovered from Dr. Juliette Faxx's programming, he united the Detroit Police Department and ended their strike. They raided the plant while Cain was presenting chemist Frank's varieties of Nuke. During the fray, Hob and Angie escaped in a van.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Among the strange religious paraphernalia seen in the plant include portraits of Jesus Christ and Mother Teresa as well as a guitar with a picture of Elvis Presley sitting next to a glass-encased skeleton that resembles him. There also is a portrait of Oliver North testifying to Congress during the Iran–Contra scandal.