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Smith was an agent of OCP Internal Affairs who was assigned to capture RoboCop when he went rogue after being accused of murdering Reverend Robert Taker.


After cornering RoboCop, who released supposed hostage Detective Lisa Madigan, Smith ordered his men to open fire as RoboCop refused to give himself up. Smith watched as RoboCop backed his cruiser into a nearby body of water, only to disappear without a trace.[1]

The analytical Smith began to doubt that Madigan was truly RoboCop's hostage and demanded access to her files, OCP's full file on RoboCop, and the files on the Taker murder. He studied these to get a better understanding of his quarry and learned though Alex Murphy's service file of the man's devotion and faith. This led him to find RoboCop at St. John-Paul Cathedral. RoboCop eventually escaped though underground passages and managed to escape due to an officer opening fire and causing a small cave-in, effectively blocking them from the cyborg.[1]

Learning that RoboCop had gone to Dr. Roger Yung's lab at CyberTech, Smith ordered his men there. There, Smith and Madigan caught Yung preparing to shoot Lippencott, who identified Yung as Taker's true killer. As Yung lowered his weapon, he turned off the lab's lights, prompting a gunfight until RoboCop arrived and subdued Yung. Smith admitted that this was the first time he was glad to have not caught his target and shook hands with RoboCop.[1]