"We've located that van by the old mill in sector 3D, now where's that backup?"

Alex Murphy[src]

Corroding Infrastructure[edit | edit source]

A comprehensive steelmaking facility in Old Detroit, derelict, rusting and falling to pieces, the site looks to have been partially decommissioned before being abandoned. Many areas are still "live", with power and lights, heavy machinery is still on power and hazardous materials have simply been left in situ. Visitors are advised to be cautious when walking around, and driving vehicles at high speeds on the service roads is definitely a bad idea.

History[edit | edit source]

After Anne Lewis rescued RoboCop from Lt. Hedgecock's SWAT team, RoboCop tells Lewis about his past. Clarence Boddicker and his gang arrive and RoboCop distracts them. RoboCop then kills Joe while Emil tries to ram him with their van but he crashes into a storage of toxic waste and he is then run over by Clarence causing him to crash his car into water. Clarence crawled out of his totaled car and injures Lewis in the leg causing her to fall into on the water, but before Clarence could kill her RoboCop arrives and Leon drops some debris on him with a crane. Leon is then killed by Lewis who fired Clarence's Cobra Assault Cannon at the crane's control room, completely obliterating it and then she passes out. Clarence now enraged stabs RoboCop with a metal iron pole and taunts him. RoboCop deploys his data spike and stabs Clarence in the throat, removes the pole out of him and tells Lewis that medical team is on the way.

On Film[edit | edit source]

The mill is first seen as Officers Lewis and Murphy catch up to Clarence's abandoned van parked up there. Only minutes later, Murphy is ambushed and shot to death, dying and beginning his new life as RoboCop. The mill later becomes the focus of the final showdown between Lewis, RoboCop and Clarence's Gang, after RoboCop retreats there for repairs after getting into a fight with ED-209 and Lt. Hedgecock's SWAT team at OCP headquarters.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

The steel mill scenes were filmed at Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Mill in Monessen, PA. The mill has since been demolished but Google Earth has an archived satellite image of it from 1993. 40°9'38"N 79°53'45"W

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