Steve Minh was a member of a gang led by Clarence Boddicker.


Murder of Alex MurphyEdit

Following a robbery, Minh and the rest of the gang engaged in gunfire with pursuing officers Alex Murphy and Anne Lewis. The fight was ended when the gang threw their comrade, Bobby, onto the police cruiser's windshield, allowing them to escape to a nearby steel mill.

The officers soon arrived at the mill and Minh came to the rescue of Emil, alongside Leon. Clarence then entered and began torturing Murphy until allowing the gang to empty their shotguns into the officer. Clarence then shot Murphy in the head and the gang left.

Sal's drug factoryEdit

Steve and Joe later accompanied Clarence at Sal's drug factory, where Clarence strong-armed Sal into business with him. Sal did not appreciate being leaned on and instructed his men to open fire, but Steve instantly spun his shotgun around on his shoulder and leveled it in Sal's face. After Sal backed down, cyborg police officer RoboCop arrived and began to smash down the door to the factory. Steve took up position on some stairs and rebuffed RoboCop's attempt to take control of the situation, cocking his shotgun and firing the first shot, missing wildly. As RoboCop started shooting his way into the factory, he turned his sights on Steve, catching him a fatal burst in the chest.

Behind the scenesEdit

Minh is played by actor Calvin Jung.

The character's name is "Chan" in an earlier version of the film's script.


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