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Dr. Tyler was RoboCop's Chief Technician.


Vandals crime spree[]

When Dr. McNamara proposed that RoboCop was too expensive to maintain and that the ED-260 was superior, Tyler shot down his claims, backed up by a failed demonstration by the ED-260.

As Tyler attempted to reprogram RoboCop to increase his reaction time, Officer Lewis protested, saying that RoboCop was not a "guinea pig." This led to an argument between the two until Sgt. Reed ordered the cyborg to a crime-in-progress at the Metro South Shopping Center.

After failing to stop the crime, RoboCop was taken from the scene in a damaged condition and was given repairs, though Tyler and Roosevelt were unable to quickly return him to peak condition. Despite this (and against Tyler's wishes), RoboCop soon responded to a crime at the Federal Reserve Gold Depository.

As a result, when RoboCop returned from successfully stopping the crime, Tyler lectured him.

The Scrambler's revenge[]

After RoboCop arrested a group of car thieves, ruining a dinner with Anne Lewis', Dr. Tyler informed Roosevelt that RoboCop's condition was working smoothly. The next day she asked RoboCop where he had been all night, to which he replied that he was in the precinct and Roosevelt informed her that he took off in his sleep and wandered into town somewhere, much to his confusion. Reed then informed them that there was a jailbreak at the Metro South Prison.

When RoboCop robbed a bank, Reed informed Tyler of this incident, much to her confusion, as robbing a bank would violate his prime directives.

After RoboCop destroyed OCP Research Park and another OCP building under construction, Tyler wondered why RoboCop was not responding to her commands. She was called from the Old Man, who ordered her to pull the plug on RoboCop, which she did despite Lewis' protest. However, the Scrambler overrode her commands and RoboCop was on his way to the OCP's main headquarters.

When the Scrambler was captured, Tyler informed the Old Man that she changed RoboCop's passwords so this could not happen again.