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In case anyone is curious, I'm laying out my plan of action here. It's basically the same idea as Wookieepedia's Canon/Legends style, but there's arguably more than one continuity in this case.

Since the original film trilogy, either animated series, the various comic book series, live-action TV series, Prime Directives, and the remake don't gel with each other on one solid timeline, I'm set on creating separate articles for every subject that appears in more than one of these timelines.

I've considered using just one article to cover all timelines, but it strikes me as kind of messy (especially since we're missing a lot of info from the comics, 2003 game, etc.) and confusing for someone who may be casually reading the Wiki.

I'll use the arti…

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Special Agent Dale Cooper Special Agent Dale Cooper 6 September 2016


Hello, I have recently adopted the RoboCop Wiki and I am busy at work improving it. I love RoboCop and I look forward to my time I will spend editing here. First off, the Wiki looks different right now, I am trying a look moderately resembling RoboCop's visual display, but I may change it in the future. Any feedback would be welcome!

I have also made individual pages for each portrayal of Alex Murphy/RoboCop since the TV series and the miniseries each create their own continuity and each actor has portrayed Murphy a little bit differently. It seems a lot more organized to me. I also thought about merging the Alex Murphy pages with their respective RoboCop, but I figured they're fine the way they are.

If anyone has any suggestions, please mak…

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